Linn’s Series 3 is a high-end, egg-shaped wireless speaker

How does it sound? Eggcellent, of course
12 October 2019 / 15:00BST

Have you ever been told your taste in music stinks? Then maybe you should invest in a Linn Series 3 (£2950), which looks like it doubles as an air freshener, and tell everyone your choice of tunes won’t be stinking out the gaff for too much longer. Unfortunately, especially considering the price, it doesn’t do that at all – and if it did it’d surely only smell of hard-boiled eggs – but it does stream from all your usual services, including Spotify and Tidal, plus there’s Bluetooth and AirPlay onboard if you want to connect your phone. Control is either via the Linn app, a connected Alexa device, or a smattering of touch-sensitive buttons on the cut-glass top, and there’s even an HDMI ARC socket for hooking it up to your TV if you so wish. £2950 just pocket change to you? Shell out £5450 instead and you’ll get two to pair together. No wonder it’s only available in Harrods.