Orbitsound brings its clever audio tech to the masses with the One P70W V2 soundbar

Innovation for less
11 October 2019 / 16:44BST

You can’t walk past a bus stop these days without hearing people talking about Transconductance Amplification. The headline feature of Orbitsound’s Air D1 speaker, in a nutshell, Transconductance allows the amplifier to monitor and adapt to the behaviour of the speaker drivers in real time, resulting in clearer audio with less distortion. Problem was, the Air D1 cost £12,000. Happily, you no longer have to be uber-rich audiophile to enjoy the innovation, as Orbitsound has also baked it into its far more affordable One P70 W V2. The soundbar also features the brand’s proprietary Airsound tech, which makes it able to produce the same spatialised stereo sound no matter where you’re stood in the room. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled with both Spotify Connect and Apple Music supported in the app, the £399 One P70 W V2 is available to buy at John Lewis now.