Tilt Five mixes tabletop gaming and augmented reality, like a tiny holodeck

Tabletop of our wish list
10 October 2019 / 14:23BST

Tabletop gaming’s static nature can make it feel rooted to the past. The idea with Tilt Five (from $299) is to mash it into videogaming, and sprinkle on some Star Trek-style sci-fi, giving you a glimpse into gaming’s future. Don your AR specs, and the game board explodes into life. You can then use your wand to manipulate the virtual environment, or slap down a card and watch as a wizard runs away from it, blasting all and sundry with spells. Games can be instantly saved and resumed, and even played across several boards in multiple real-world locations, so you and your remote friends share the same virtual space. As if that’s not enough, every single Tilt Five also doubles as a developer kit; so if you get tired of the titles included with your pledge, you can have a crack at making your own.