The Stuff Hot Five

The top five products worth your time and money this week

We see a lot of products every week here on Stuff. But come Friday, which are the ones we actually want to take home with us?

Every week, we condense all of the many products we see into the Hot Five — the definitive list of the best new gadgets to lust after, buy and use. These are the best products, the top apps and games, and the best tech accessories to blow this week’s savings on.

Read this, and you’ll have absorbed the best of the week on the Stuff website! But please, do also read the rest of the website.

5) Realme delivers the best phone you’ve never heard of

Realme is hardly a household name, but if there's any justice in the world its new X2 Pro handset should see it propelled into the smartphone big leagues. Powerful, feature-packed and sporting a fantastically slick 90Hz screen, this mid-range mobile is a thing of beauty (on the inside, at least).

Want to know how it stacks up against its affordable flagship rivals? Check out our in-depth review at the link below.

4) Lego recreates Tim Burton’s Batmobile

Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but most filmgoers will probably agree on one thing: its Batmobile was the best incarnation of the Bat's ride ever put on screen. Sweeping, sleek and marvellously mean, this four-wheeled doom machine has just been immortalised in plastic by Lego. Hit the link below for the lowdown on how to acquire this massive (over 3,000 pieces!) upcoming box set.

3) Leica’s updated SL adds a bunch of improvements

Released back in 2015, the Leica SL is a full-frame camera that takes excellent photos, great video clips – and a lot of money out of your bank account. It also established the L-mount lens system, since adopted by Sigma and Panasonic.

Four years on, the German company has unleashed the SL2, an updated model that incorporates a raft of high-end improvements like in-body image stabilisation and 60fps 4K video. Will it still put a hurtin’ on your wallet? We’d say so. Will it take even better photos than its predecessor? Also yes (probably).

2) Xiaomi’s debut smartwatch: haven’t we seen you before?

No, it’s not a new Apple Watch you spy in the photo above – it’s Xiaomi’s first ever smartwatch, the Mi Watch. While it might seem like a somewhat shameless attempt to copy the styling of Apple’s device, the Mi Watch is interesting for its own reasons: an AMOLED screen, 36-hour battery life and £145 (equivalent) price tag. The downside? We’re not yet even sure if it’s launching outside of China or not.

1) Motorola’s Moto G8 Plus is cheap and natty

Budget phones are rarely desirable for anything other than their pricing, but Motorola has consistently managed to buck the trend with its G series devices. The sub-£250 Moto G8 Plus is just the latest in a long line of bargain basement bangers, and we’ve given it the full review treatment this week.

Rocking a more streamlined design than previous G blowers as well as a long full HD screen, interesting camera setup and enough CPU heft to run PUBG, it’s a serious contender for cheeriest cheap phone on the market.